Teddy Genev: Leave a piece of yourself ...

Zodiac - Gemini. Lives and works in Sofia and Varna, perceives itself as the world's citizens.
Graduated "Drama Theater and Cinema" in the class of Prof. Hope Seykova. Music is his vocation, his life!
He has worked as a musician in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Spain and the Canary Islands. He was a soloist of the Ensemble of the Navy of the Republic of Bulgaria.
In 1999. with his colleague Peter Pesev create duet "The Fifth Element". Over the next year and released their album "The Fifth Element". Most of the lyrics and music are the work of Teddy Genev. The songs include a duet in six compilations. In 2002. duet stop there. First solo song of Teddy's "Blue Room" in his music, lyrics and arrangement Valentine Marzakov of Krasimir Iliev. With this song Teddy Genev won third prize in the Spring BNR Radio Contest in 2002. In the same year he took part in the festival "Burgas and the Sea" with the song "Autumn strings" with music by Peter Pesev.
Following duet songs recorded by the star of Bulgarian pop music Hranova Margarita. These are the songs "Love Dance," "South recollection," "A Christmas Carol", "Beautiful Bulgaria" and "Seasons and Sparks," starring the great Bulgarian actress Iskra Radeva - all his music and lyrics. After numerous tours, both on stage and off it. In 2011g.Tedi Genev released his first solo album
"My Flower".

Teddy when he realized that music was your calling in life ... your destiny?
Teddy Genev:
Yes - I think destiny is the right word! Even as a little boy when I passed the window of a restaurant, with great curiosity that I watched these give joy to people - musicians. In my children's eyes I saw them as a hero of the tale. I think this is my first encounter with the so-called show business. Then followed music lessons and solfeggio. I want at the beginning of this interview to share that love strong Bulgarian music and she prevails in my repertoire.

Is it difficult path to success?
Teddy: Success is value, state-developed skills and internal discipline. Each has its own measure of success. I am personally so that what I achieved is the next step. So the life and career of a man is interesting and leads to new challenges. I love to dream, and dreams are the engine of the car - they are moving forward!

What emotions do you want to donate to people when listening to your songs?
Teddy: When a contractor is sincere on stage, she Her Majesty the audience feels it and evaluate. So was born a mutual power of positive emotions, a sympathy, love and things occur by itself. I'm glad when the audience applauded and wants that magic does not fade.
What could be better than that ...

Sam I choose the topics, the team with which to work?
Teddy: First, I'll bet my inner feeling, emotional state, need and then his professional flair. And I see that time I often misleading.
About the team - yes, the choice is entirely mine.

Early in his career, became a popular duet songs with star
Bulgarian pop music Margie Hranova. Which is more difficult - to partner
singer of her rank or get out of her shadow and establish itself as a
an independent contractor?
Teddy: Working with Margie Hranova a chance and pleasure. It is a very positive person and a great professional. By working together, I gained a lot of experience and confidence, which in turn gave me peace of mind that I can not go alone.

You travel a lot ... Do you have a favorite audience?
/ I ask the question because I know that lately I express to Russian
audience and she enthusiastically accepts your appeared on the scene and beyond. Since there is
Your association with Philip Kirkorov ... /
Teddy: I ??want to say that traveling is my passion. One of my favorite activities is driving. When, however, combine your trips, meetings with the public, I feel happy and satisfied. A crowd favorite is ... That it has come to my participation in itself is a sign of respect and reverence for what you create. For some time, I got pretty stressed appearances before the Russian audience. We evenings of Bulgarian music and I am glad that the Russians like my songs. Meetings are unforgettable concert after ... I have dozens of invitations to Moscow.

Moreover artist, songwriter and you're the author of texts.
What is more exciting for you as an artist?
Teddy: Each unit listed than you is an important step towards the final product,
but, though the most exciting moment for me remains the performance of the song.

I've been on the big stage with you, not once, and I have seen the rise
adrenaline after your performances ...
How do you deliver the magic of the song on the audience?
Teddy: You know, Rumen - either to receive or not. This formula will! For every artist is different. To my delight I managed. Often after a concert, participation of people come and share with me that I left them in the part of yourself and then realize that I did it, and that is the biggest reward for me as a performer.

You're one of the few artists with many years of happy marriage.
Is your family Muse??
Teddy: Family is my castle. Sounds a template, but it's true. I want to thank them for the love, trust and peace that I give. When we add to all this and passion for music, things work out.

Recently released a new album, produced by MK "Riva Sound" / company with which I work and I /
.... Tell us more about it? How long did it take its realization? Which authors
work? What style of music is it?
Teddy: December 2011. This is one of the steps we talked about at the beginning of our interview. Then the market came my solo album "My Flower". The selection of songs took me over a year. The style is melodic, easy zapevaem. The album includes 13 songs I have. Some of the titles are - "Valeria" "My Flower", "Acknowledgement", "Thracian girl" and others. Thematic focus is love, the sea, and as the culmination of a song dedicated to Bulgaria - Bulgarian ", only you." The album has two duets songs Margarita Hranova and Iskra Radeva. Margie song with "Beautiful Bulgaria" is a gift to my fellow citizens. The recordings we made in the studio "Cool sound", with arranger Krasimir Iliev. Some of the lyrics are mine, and another - a talented young poet Nikolay Spasov, Russian Daskalova Atanas Stoychev, Kristeva and Olga Stella Stoycheva. Composers who participate in the project are Ivan Mihailov and Assen Dragnev but most are original compositions. Video clips are the work of "Estat Vision" - for which I thank them.

This project is part of Varna's bid for European Capital of Culture
in 2019. and is supported by the creative projects of the municipality ...
Teddy: It's time to thank Varna Municipality - Directorate of Culture, Ministry of Culture "Riva sound", in the person of Mr. Rumen Bonchev and actor Alexander Andreev, for their contribution to this album has it.

What do you want our readers?
And because ... I am confident we can challenge their interest, they will ask
leave contact details with you ...
Teddy: Rumi, I wish them to be healthy, have a lot of luck in life
when driving their cars listening to Bulgarian music.
Contact me - teddy_genev@abv.bg and www.teddygenev.com

Author: Rumi Benova